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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why I'm for Ron Paul

His life is devoted to conservative principles of protecting innocent life, personal liberty, sound money, and the US constitution – including the 10th amendment. He’s no fair weather friend or new friend of the 10th amendment.His congressional record is the closest to Ronald Reagan’s agenda and the truest to small government. His plan to cut spending $1T in year one, balance the budget in 3 years, and eliminate 5 cabinet agencies is necessary.

His base of support comes from young people, independents, libertarians, evangelicals, Reagan conservatives, and active duty military. In fact active duty military overwhelmingly supports Ron Paul with 87% of their campaign donations. His campaign is funded by individual contributors, not lobbyist PACS, SUPER PACS, or personal wealth.  This is a template for a GOP majority and victory.  In a national Reuters poll released February 7, Ron Paul came in 2d to Romney. And only Romney and Paul have consistently been competitive head to head with Obama – in polls since summer 2011.

Clearly Paul is not the choice of the media or the status quo. They tried to ignore him again this year like they did in 2008 but he’s too strong this time.  While other candidates wax and wane, he gains ground in popular support and delegate count. His delegate count is better than reported.
1.      In Iowa he was a strong 3rd (21%) in a near 3 way tie with Santorum (24.5%) and Romney (24.5%). Paul doubled his support from 2008 to 2012. CNN and the Paul campaign projected a 3 way tie for delegates.
2.      In NH he was a STRONG second to favorite son Romney. Paul tripled his results from 2008 to 2012
3.      In SC he came in 4th far behind “favorite son” Gingrich but his support grew FIVE times from 2008 to 2012.
4.      In Minnesota he was a very strong second.
5.      And in Maine, he was second again to favorite son Romney but unlike Romney, Paul’s support GREW from 2008 to 2012.  Ron Paul had 1002 state delegates in 2008 and has 1996 this year (doubling from 18% to 36%). In 2008 he earned 1 national delegate; this year he gets 8 from Maine.
Contrast Romney’s 2837 state delegates in 2008 with 2190 in 2012; his support declined from 52% to 39%. He went from 20 national delegates down to 8.

Ron Paul is in it for the long run – all the way to Super Tuesday March 6th to California, New Mexico, and Utah in June. Until a candidate has 1144 delegates, it is an open race.

The only way to move TOWARD the recovery we need is to support those principles.  If you’re dissatisfied with the political or personal history of Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum, show them where it counts. The primary is not the place to compromise one’s principles. There may be ample opportunity to compromise in November. Should the GOP regain the white house we can be sure there will be compromises in office.

Finally on a personal note I've watched 2 of the candidates up close for a long time. I have observed Ron Paul’s Republican record since 1976 when he was one of only 4 congressman who supported Reagan against Ford; supported him financially since his 1996 primary run – a race in which Gingrich led the support for his opponent; and met with him twice at Ludwig Von Mises Institute economics seminars in 1992 and 2010.  And I was a devoted 1978 volunteer and paid 1988 campaign professional for Gingrich. I have great respect for Gingrich’s HISTORIC role in establishing a two party system and competitive GA GOP and the first GOP majority in the US House in 40 years… but I will also always remember attending his swearing in as Speaker of the House when his remarks praised FDR. My confidence is in Ron Paul's lifelong commitment to small government and his ability to win independent votes in a general election.

Don’t waste your vote. If you truly want smaller government, more decentralized government, personal liberty and fiscal sanity, vote for Ron Paul. Regardless who wins the GOP nomination, they will be better if tested against Paul’s conservative record and agenda.

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