Oct 9 Mon Last day to register to vote in the Nov 6 general election

Oct 15 Mon Advance (in person) voting starts

Oct 26-27 Ludwig Von Mises Institute 30th Anniversary Celebration, Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain. www.mises.org

Oct 27 Sat Early voting


Nov 9-11 Fri-Sun Ga Literary Festival, Golden Isles

Dec 1 Sat 1:00-5:00 pm Magnolia Garden Club 4th Annual Historic Christmas Tour http://mgcbrunswickga.blogspot.com


May 17 and 18, 2013, State GOP Convention in Athens, GA

Friday, March 11, 2011

Take back the GOP 8:30 am Saturday Mar 12

Glynn County registered voters who believe in less government, lower taxes, and more freedom:
Please attend the 2011 Glynn County Republican Party organizing convention Sat am, TOMORROW, 8:30 am.
Please bring $15, some patience, your voter card, and your fervor for freedom.
Enjoy speeches by US Congressman Jack Kingston and State Rep Alex Atwood. Participate in this grassroots process.
Mar 12 Sat Glynn County Republican Precinct Meetings and Convention, Glynn Academy cafeteria, Mansfield St.
8:30 am Registration opens for both the mass meetings and convention; $15 for both.
This fee covers the rental cost + the continental breakfast (whether you want it or not).
It is uncommon to charge to attend precinct meetings but because the meetings are back to back in the same location, it’s highly impractical to charge only for the county convention.

9:00 am Precinct Meetings will:
Elect precinct Chair and Vice Chair to serve 2 year terms
Elect a precinct meeting secretary - who serves only for this meeting.
Elect delegates to the county convention starting at 10:00.
The rules require you must be elected at the precinct meeting to be able to vote at the county convention.
For practical reasons, you MUST be present at the precinct meeting where you are elected even though the rules do NOT require you to attend the precinct meeting to be elected by the precinct meeting.  It appears the convention promoters will close the doors for BOTH the 9:00 am precinct meeting and the 10:00 am county meeting at 9:00 am - so be there before 9:00 am!

10:00 am County Convention will:
Elect officers to serve 2 year terms
Elect 28 delegates and 28 alternates to the First District Convention in St. Mary’s April 16 - this is the tedious part 1
Elect 21 delegates and 21 alternates to the State convention May 13-14 in Macon. - this is the tedious part 2
Hear speeches
Potentially revise rules and pass resolutions

I have no info on nominating committee members or recommendations. The Glynn GOP has distributed very little timely info about meetings, committees, or any other Party business the last 6 months. Party Secretary Gussie Gammon has made heroic efforts to distribute information but she is dependent on having timely decisions and information to distribute. I thank Gussie for her stalwart and ever faithful GOP support.

Ironically, I have received MORE information on GOP candidates from the Golden Isles Tea Party than from the GOP!  The Tea Party, a non-partisan grassroots group, has Republican members who would like to see an open, transparent GOP committed to the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. 
The Golden Isles Tea Party verified that these candidates for GOP office ARE also Tea Party spuporters. Ron Sadowski for Chairman (Ron is a former Glynn GOP exec comm member)
Jeff Kilgore for Vice Chairman (Jeff served on the GOP Issues Committee 2007-2008)
Sandy Dean for Vice Chairman
Janis Boland for Secretary (Janis served on the GOP Issues Committee 2007-2008)
Marlene Parmlee for Treasurer (Marlene served on the GOP Issues Committee 2007-2008 and is active in the Golden Isles Republican Women)

It is time to have officers who want to open and improve the GOP. It's time to focus on issues within a respectable, collaborative operation that respects the rules.
I know all of the nominees listed above are issue oriented. They have strong opinions. They are fearless. They favor open discussion and argument. 
They work - for a living and for their causes.

I trust Ron to abide by the rules. He won't run the GOP like a one main railroad. Neither will he be run over by a train.
It is very difficult to get people to commit to hold a Party office. If they want to do it, let's help them.

Resources.  You'll save time if you print the registration form and bring it with you - already completed.
If you're really into Saturday meetings, you might also want to print the GOP rules.
Glynn GOP Precinct registration form http://bit.ly/conventionform
    Glynn GOP video explanation of process. It states you only have to SAY  you are Republican.
    http://youtu.be/Z9rWBYuG0Cw  (see 4 min 30 sec mark
Fulton Convention 101 http://fultongop.org/news/fulton-gop-convention-101 (good info)

I hope to see former regular Republicans, new members, Tea Party supporters, and any Republican voter at the Saturday meeting.

Karen Ross,
Glynn County GOP Executive Committee  1973-75, 1980-81, 2001-2005
Fulton County GOP Executive Committee  1979, 1987-1989, 1995-1999

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