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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Senator Ligon - please PASS, don't PUNT

Note - my last post was very favorable towards Senator Ligon. And I still wish him and his family well. I hope THIS lapse in leadership is temporary.

State Senator Ligon punted on 2d down when he said it was too hard and time consuming to even schedule a vote on SB10 - the local option bill for Sunday package sales.   It's one of the simplest shortest bills I've ever read. It surely lacks the complexity of major tax reform or budgeting which SHOULD take the bulk of their time. Those issues "chew up the clock" and take a ground game. Voting to put Sunday package sales in the hands of each of the 159 counties does not require great study, deliberative time, or expense. It may require LEADERS who can take the heat from sideline demagogues who falsely frame it as fostering “Sunday sales so the alcoholics can get likkered up”. SB10 actually ALLOWS counties who wish to call for a vote to treat Sunday package sales consistent with their existing local laws on alcohol sales. There is great variety across Georgia except in this area where the state has maintained a unique prohibition. Unique in Georgia. And one of only three states in the country with this remnant of prohibition.  Senator Ligon, if you can’t take heat, don’t punt. PASS it on to the counties who WANT the opportunity to vote.  This bill comes up every year decade after decade.  Some mistakenly thought with the GOP super majority, it would finally pass. Didn’t Republicans say they believed in smaller government, less government, local control, and free enterprise?

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