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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Triple Congratulations to Freshman State Senator William Ligon

TRIPLE congratulations to freshman State Senator William Ligon! In his first week in office, Senator Ligon scored
  1. Appointment as a senate deputy whip. This is really good news for the coastal area which lost so much leadership with the departures of Senator Eric Johnson and State Rep Jerry Keen. And it’s good news to all those who support Senator Ligon’s focus on constitutional principles. As deputy whip he’ll first be TOLD what the majority supports that day/week and asked to secure a headcount for the votes. I hope he quickly becomes one who does the telling and leading to make the tough decisions. Early indicators are completely positive.
  2. Appointment as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Education Committee. That’s the hot seat for making tough decisions since well over half the strained state budget is in education and government schooling.
    Plus he’s a member of Health and Human Services, Judiciary, Public Safety, and Ethics committees. And those are all vital areas. In my view Public Safety and the Judiciary are the cornerstones of the state’s role in society. And Ethical practices among officeholders and bureaucrats are essential to protect taxpayers and every day enterprise from favoritism and pork.  Five committees. That’s a lot of committee work. Add in the constituent services and other legislative duties and it’s no job for the feint hearted. While I want our legislators to put heart and soul into critical issues, they ARE (fortunately) part time citizen legislators.  I wish Senator Ligon and his young family well as they balance the demands and keep their roots strong and healthy.
  3. a bold first legislative initiative to curtail Medicaid fraud. In the Brunswick News last week Ligon said Medicaid fraud costs the states an estimated $300 million per year. Optimistically, eliminating that fraud could close up to 15% of the $2B gap in the state budget.  I’m glad to see Senator Ligon tackle a big issue head-on and not waste time pandering on feel good issues that cost vital taxpayer dollars.
If you want to keep up with Senator Ligon, please visit his new website at http://www.senatorligon.com/ and keep up with the legislature at http://www.legis.ga.gov/en-US/default.aspx

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