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May 17 and 18, 2013, State GOP Convention in Athens, GA

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Glynn County Republican Convention 2011 Elects new leaders

Attendees: 80 certified participants. This is significantly higher participation than in 2009 when we had about 50 registrants. Many of us think this turnout might have been even higher with a lower registration fee OR by having the precinct meetings in Feb and the county meeting in Mar as done in 2001, 2003, and other years. Thanks to Kevin Gough for his robocall and emails which helped turn out new people and of course thank you to Dawn Forbes and others with the Golden Isles Tea Party who encouraged so many people to attend.

OFFICERS were elected about 3.5 hours into the meeting:
  • Ron Sadowski, Chairman
  • Jeff Kilgore, 1st Vice Chair
  • Sandy Dean, 2d Vice Chair
  • Janis Boland, Secretary
  • Marlene Parmley, Treasurer
  • Karen Ross, Asst Treasurer

Congressman Jack Kingston spoke about his vote against extending the Patriot Act and why he supports oil exploration in the ANWR 
Freshman State Representative Alex Atwood focused on the progress of his legislation to curtail the incidence and costs of the illegal immigrant population in GA.
Congressman Kingston with Marjorie Peters

RESOLUTIONS This is my best recollection but I welcome details from others; our precinct had no copies of the resolutions
  1. State Government SUNSET - PASSED without dissent.  Presented by Dawn Forbes, it called for all state agencies to have an expiration or SUNSET period so that they would be required to justify their need and authority periodically. It passed unanimously by voice vote without discussion. 
  2. Opposition to alcohol generally, Opposition to all Sunday Alcohol Sales - DEFEATED by deafening voice vote though there was dissent obviously from the authors of the resolution.
  3. Opposition to all abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or to protect the life of the mother. PASSED with dissent.
  4. Opposition to any extension of gambling including Native American Indian Tribe casinos - PASSED without dissent.
  5. Opposition to any new or renewed SPLOST or eSPLOST - Passed.
  6. Opposition to the Tax Reform Commission recommendations. PASSED with dissent.

Largest precincts were Marshes of Glynn Baptist (11 voting members) and St. Williams SSI (10 voting members).  Others with more than 5 attendees included Beverly Shores, Christian Renewal SSI, City Rec, First Baptist SSI, and Oglethorpe Point SSI.
No attendees from American Legion, Burroughs Molette, College Place Methodist, or Selden Park.

  • Credentials - Ken Trobaugh
  • Rules - Kathy Strickland and Helen Minton
  • Resolutions - Kevin Gough and Dawn Forbes
  • Nominating - Richard McMinn, Charles Lewis, Gussie Gammon, Joann Cook, Larry Lynch. The committee met nearly an hour and decided they could not make a report. All nominations were from the floor.
  • Parliamentarian, Alex Atwood and then Charlie Crumbliss

More about the new officers.   
All of the officers are Tea Party supporters and many are also supporters of Defend Downtown Brunswick
  • Ron is one of our youngest chairmen in the past 40 years but he is a veteran GOP activist.. The former Eagle Scout has been very active in the Glynn GOP since at least 1988 and was also active in the Ga YRs.
  • Jeff served on the Glynn GOP issues committee in 2007 when George Skarpalezos was chairman. Two of their big issues opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants and opposing expanding the jail in the downtown location and using eminent domain.
  • Sandy is very active with Defend Downtown Brunswick, was a nonpartisan candidate for Brunswick City Council, and very involved in former State Senator Chapman's gubernatorial campaign.
  • Janis was also on the GOP issues committee in 2007 and has been active in St. Williams precinct and in the Golden Isles Republican Women.
  • Marlene Parmley was also on the GOP issues committee, held other roles on the county committee when George Skarpelezos was Chair, and has been a member of both the Coastal Republican Women's Club and the Golden Isles Republican Women.
  • Karen Ross was previously heavily involved in Glynn County GOP. She served on the Executive Committee 1973 while a college student;  1980-1981 while teaching at Brunswick Junior College and 2001-2005 after returning to the area.
About the elections: Only the races for Chair and First Vice Chair had contested votes. The Nominating Committee could not agree on a slate to nominate so all nominations were from the floor.
Ron Sadowski and Ruby Robinson were nominated for Chair. A voice vote was too close. The precincts were polled and Ron won - but no vote total was announced. For First Vice Chair Jeff Kilgore and Gussie Gammon were nominated and Jeff won in a voice vote. For Second Vice Chair Sandy Dean and Reba Reyna were nominated; Reba declined and Sandy was elected by acclamation.  For Secretary Janis Boland and Kathy McMinn were nominated; Kathy McMinn declined and Janis was elected by acclamation.  For Treasurer only Marlene Parmley was nominated and for Asst Treasurer only Karen Ross was nominated.  

Little was organized or communicated in advance aboutr committees. However, the valiant logistical and procedural work by Shaw, Ken, and Ruby was obvious. My apologies if I don't remember everyone. I was busy too with the St. Williams precinct.    
  • Susan Wendel for a beautiful rendition of our national anthem.
  • Shaw McVeigh for outstanding service as convention chair. 
  • Ken Trobaugh to whom the credentials process was trusted for accuracy, completeness, and inclusion of all qualified. 
  • Gloria Burns for working registration and serving as convnetion secretary. 
  • Barbara Dieterman  - didn't I see you at the registration table? I'm not sure!
  • Ruby Robinson for securing the space, the food, and setting up the physical arrangements. Ruby stayed 'til the last table was put away and the doors were closed. She stands ready to work with new chairman  Ron Sadowski.
  • Joanne Cook and Larry Lynch for Nominating Committee service 
  • Dale Provenzano for taking on chairmanship of the St. Williams precinct! 
  • my brother and so many others who attended their first GOP convention
  • City Commissioner Brooks, County Commissioners Coleman and Hunt, and Education Commissioner Allen  for being there!
If you have corrections or additions to this account, please let me know

NOTE: Added Mar 27, 2011. The sign in form, rules, resolutions and minutes are posted at https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B9p3TJzco4oJZTQzMWVhMWEtODY3Ni00NWViLThjZjAtYzZmYTkzYzBjOTIz&hl=en

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