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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

July 31 GOP ballot - Glynn County

This is primarily to identify candidates in the GOP primary in Glynn County. Note many candidates represent multiple counties or portions of multiple counties. With very few Democrats qualified, most races will be determined in the July 31 primary or Aug 21 primary runoff.

NEW Sample Ballots:

Sample Glynn County ballots: http://www.glynncounty.org/index.aspx?nid=596
St. Williams non-partisan http://www.glynncounty.org/documents/11/854/1-40-NP-FB_201206181656070007.pdf

All are Republican unless marked Democrat (D) in red. Yes RED. Reagan Republicans are true blue and leftists are RED. Have never liked that MSM made Republicans consistently red starting in 2000  However with so many Southern states voting Republican, there is some historical precedent for showing Southern states as red. Did you ever play with Yankee and Rebel army figures? Yankees are blue. Rebels are red.

PARTISAN federal and state legislative seats are for TWO year terms.
  • US Representative  - First Congressional District (25 counties!)
    (incumbent Jack Kingston-R)
    • Jack Kingston
    • Leslie Rae Messinger, Savannah bus owner and Nathan Russo, St. Simons retiree, are running as Democrats.
  • State Senator - Senate district 3 (5 counties). incumbent William Ligon -R is unopposed. Unless an independent runs against him all he has to do is vote for himself in the primary and in the general and he's back for another term.

  • State Representative  House District 167 (several counties)
    (open seat vacated by Roger Lane -R)
    • Jeff  Chapman, former state senator
    • John Tuten, architect, 267-0703
  • State Representative - House District 179 (entirely in Glynn County)
    incumbent Alex Atwood - R is unopposed
PARTISAN Glynn County seats are for FOUR year terms.
  • Glynn County Commission district 1 (north Glynn). Open seat being vacated by Amy Callaway -R
    • Mike Browning, military veterans advocate 264-3697
    • Clifford Adams, longshoreman
  • Glynn County Commission  district 2 (islands). Open seat being vacated by Tom Sublett -R
    • Dale Provenzano. Dale is currently GOP Chairman for the St. Williams Precinct and is unopposed in the primary or the general. Unless an independent runs, all he has to do is vote for himself in the primary and in the general and he's our new Island Commissioner.
  • Glynn County Commission district 5 (city). Open seat being vacated by Jerome Clark -D.
    • Anna Ferguson Hall. Anna is a media specialist at the Jekyll Island Authority and former Brunswick News reporter.
    • Robbie Tucker, small business owner.
    • Tashawnta Wells, Habitat for Humanity.  http://www.vote4wells.com/, tashawnta_wells@yahoo.com
    • Allen Booker, insurance agent, and Gary Cook, business owner, are also running as Democrats.

  • Glynn County Commission at large post 2 incumbent Bob Coleman-R
    • David Breland, former Glynn County fireman
    • Bob Coleman
    • Joyce Crosby Deloach, former Glynn County administrative employee
    • John Terris, bus. owner

  • Glynn County Board of Education District 1 (north Glynn) incumbent Ray Snow
    • Ingrid Metz - former BHS teacher, electingridmetz@gmail.com
    • Earl Perry  - former Bd of Ed member
    • Ray Snow

  • Glynn County Board of Education District 3 (NE mainland) incumbent John Madala
    • Noel Jensen, general contractor
    • John Madala

  • Glynn County Board of Education District 5 (city) incumbent Venus Holmes-D
    • Darylynne (Dee) Rogers, wireless consultant
    • Venus Holmes D
  • Glynn County Board of Education at-large post 2 incumbent Jerry Mancil
    • Linda (LA) Chancey, operational management. (912-275-1775)
    • Larry Lynch, Golden isles tea party activist,H: 912-265-6756 C: 912-230-6649
    • Jerry Mancil

  • Glynn County Coroner incumbent Jimmy Durden unopposed
  • Glynn County Chief Magistrate incumbent Tim Barton unopposed
  • Glynn County Probate Court Judge incumbent Debra Howes unopposed
  • Glynn County Surveyor incumbent Bobby Shupe unopposed
  • Glynn County Tax Commissioner - incumbent Florence Dees unopposed
  • Glynn County Sheriff -open seat being vacated by Wayne Bennett-R
    • Ron Corbett, undersheriff,corbett4sheriff@hotmail.com, www.RonCorbet4Sheriff.com
    • Neal Jump, sheriff deputy major
  •  Glynn County Superior Court Clerk -Glynn County. incumbent Lola Jamsky -R
    • Lola Jamsky 
    • Donita Taylor, clerk of Glynn County Juvenile Court, donita.taylor@gmail.com, www.votedonitataylor.com, 912-265-6933
    • Tim Wilson, paralegal
PARTISAN Brunswick Judicial Circuit (Glynn, Camden, Wayne, Appling and Jeff Davis.) - FOUR year term
  • Superior Court Judge incumbent Stephen Kelley unopposed
  • Superior Court Judge incumbent Stephen Scarlett unopposed
  • Superior Court Judge incumbent Anthony Harrison unopposed
  • Superior Court Judge incumbent E.M. Wilkes unopposed

  • District Attorney  Jackie Johnson incumbent R
    • Jackie Johnson
    • Jonathan Miller
NON-PARTISAN Glynn County Court races with FOUR year terms
  • Clerk of State Court incumbent Brenda Boone-Cove unopposed
  • State Court Solicitor incumbent Maria Lugue unopposed
  • State Court Judge (open seat vacated by Orion Douglass)
    • Bart Altman http://www.bartgaltman.com/
    • Grant Buckley 
    • Wallace Harrell III
    • Vince Sowerby
    • Alan Tucker - work #: 267-7123

Note: this includes radio, newspaper and personal sources through Saturday June 30.
It is not official
Glynn County sample ballots will be available here


lachancey said...

Hi Karen,
please add my phone number for the Board of Ed race,
912-275-1775. Thanks, la

John A Terris said...

Please change my status from democrat to republican,

John A. Terris
County Commission candidate post 2