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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote TODAY for Mary Helen Moses for Superior Court - call your friends

Dear friends, if you haven't voted yet, please vote TODAY for Mary Helen Moses for Superior Court Judge.
If you HAVE already voted, please call 2 or 3 people who know and trust you - in Glynn, Camden, Appling, Wayne, and Jeff Davis County and ask THEM to vote TODAY for Mary Helen Moses. Believe me, people get busy. They don't pay attention. It's not too late until the polls close at 7:00 pm - in little over 17 hours.
It is the MOST IMPORTANT vote I will cast today.

Glynn, Camden, Appling, Wayne, and Jeff Davis voters in the Brunswick Judicial Circuit have a RARE opportunity to vote in the FIRST contested race in 16 years and the first competitive challenger vs incumbent race in my memory.

I will vote for Mary Helen Moses for Superior Court Judge because I like that she (1) advocates open and modern court processes for the legal community and the public; (2) stresses the importance of listening and applying the law vs. advocating social policy; (3) conducts herself professionally with a temperament that inspires confidence; and (4) is not involved in court transactions which may raise questions of nepotism.  I think she is objective, courageous, fair & fit for the court. (And for the record she is a conservative Republican)

If you know Judge Williams from 10, 20, or 30 years ago you might be mystified at the opposition to her now. You might only remember her distinguished career and first 3 or 4 terms as Superior Court Judge. Since becoming Chief Judge (due to seniority) her circuit administrative responsibilities are much larger. And approximately concurrently, she has managed the Drug Court from its inception to its daily operations. A SIXTH term is too much. It’s time for a change. Electing Mary Helen Moses to the Superior Court will allow many changes. It will make Judge Wilkes the new Chief Judge. It will allow reassignment, reorganization, and a fresh look at the court administration.

From what I've seen personally at forums; the calls and emails I am getting from attorneys, reporters, activists, and a variety of people in criminal justice; and from the advertisements I've seen in the paper, I am very concerned about the openness and appropriateness of operations in our Brunswick Circuit Superior Court in recent years. Maybe it’s just a workload and micromanagement problem. I see an "out of touch" royal incumbency after Judge Williams 20 years in office. In Judge Williams most recent tenure, I see someone:
        Insufficiently concerned about the appearance of propriety. Judge Williams says if all parties agree it's perfectly ok for her to hear cases before her attorney family members. Could it be possible that parties could be too INTIMIDATED to speak or object? Wouldn't someone concerned about abuse of power avoid even the appearance of abuse of power and nepotism? Why not simply recuse herself from any cases involving her family?
        Insufficiently concerned about the appearance of intimidation.   I do not think it’s appropriate to use the names of Sheriffs and particularly the Chief of Police in a paid political advertisement.  Of course those law enforcement individuals are citizens with the right to vote and contribute $$ as they wish. But it's too readily perceived as intimidation. Does the Judge not recognize this?
        Who doesn't seem to recognize the truth if it doesn't suit her.
Judge Williams says in a Fri Oct 29 paid advertisement regarding the jail location "I have not been involved in anything about site selection, site discussions. I have never been involved in that.”  In the Mary Helen Moses radio spot, you can hear Judge Williams words in her own voice speaking to the County Commissioners "To me it just doesn't make any sense to move this jail away from the Courthouse"
        Who must control every drug case and administer the drug court - unlike other counties where the cases rotate among judges.
        Who can't tolerate open discussion or q&a in public.
        Who uses public funds, law enforcement, and jails to enforce her vision of social good - at a more extreme level than other similar courts
        Who frightens attorneys and others into silence.

I want fresh air in the Glynn County Courthouse.
We don't get to vote on federal judges. We do get to vote at the state level. Let's take this opportunity seriously and make sure no one gets too comfortable or powerful. Call someone you know in Glynn, Camden, Wayne, Appling or Jeff Davis County. Remind them to vote for Mary Helen Moses TODAY.

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