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Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Gravity applies in Camden" by Gloria Burns

Thanks to Gloria Burns for the following which she distributed earlier this week and allowed me to post. She can be contacted at gloriaburns@comcast.net

A stark contrast...

Here in Glynn County, the District paid students who failed or scored low on the high school graduation test to retake it in the summer with cold, hard cash... rewarding failure.

Also, at Glynn Academy, students with a discipline history or potential behavior problems are rewarded with tokens for good behavior (such as dying a mohawk red to show school spirit) that allows them to enter an annual drawing for a motor scooter. On the other hand, students at the same school taking AP classes, making straight A's and getting perfect attendance with no discipline referrals do not get tokens for a chance to win the scooter.

Anyone out there actually have a job in which failure gets you a bonus?

Meanwhile, in neighboring Camden County Schools, they are rewarding academic achievement and the students who aim higher.

Which life lesson do you want your children and grandchildren to learn?
(And where did the money to pay the Glynn students come from?)

Camden dangles car keys to motivate students to pass AP classes, Aug 9, 2010
Passing classes makes them eligible to win prizes at year's end.

By Gordon Jackson

KINGSLAND - Brittni May has demonstrated she is capable of learning challenging class work.

But before she leaves this month for New York and her freshman year at Columbia University, the 18-year-old Kingsland resident is going to have to learn to do something she never thought she would - drive a stick shift.

She won a 2004 Hyundai sedan with a manual transmission at a drawing at Camden County High School on Monday morning. She was among 280 students who passed challenging advanced placement classes last year, making her eligible to win the car. That was the top prize. Others won laptop computers, gift certificates for chain fast food and other consolation prizes.

"The whole time, I knew I wouldn't win the car," she said. "I though I might win a laptop, if I was lucky."

For the past three years, every Camden County High student who passed advanced placement classes was entered in a drawing for a reliable used car and other prizes. The drawing is an added incentive for students to enroll in the classes, said Heath Heron, assistant principal and an advanced placement coordinator.

"It rewards kids for taking such a rigorous course load," he said. "We try to encourage as many kids as possible to take advanced placement classes."

Read more at http://jacksonville.com/news/georgia/2010-08-09/story/camden-dangles-car-keys-motivate-students-pass-ap-classes
gordon.jackson@jacksonville.com, (912) 729-3672

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